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Tournament Details

Date: June 8, 9th

Pool: Huntsville Aquatic Center in Alabama

Address: 2213 Drake Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35805

USAWP Level: Not Required. This is an American WP Event!

Entry + Airbnb: $250

* For Athletes Transporting themselves throughout the Weekend ONLY

Entry + Airbnb + Team Van: $350

* For Athletes flying to Atlanta and needing Transportation in the Team Van throughout the entire Weekend ONLY

Game Schedule

SATURDAY, June 8th


SUNDAY, June 9th



Competition Rosters

Any Names in Red are still pending confirmation*

18u COED:

1. Jack Marshburn

2. Fisher Sadlowski

3. David Botelho

4. Aaron Chung

5. Louis Dyashdyshn

6. Skye Cambell

7. Emmalee Gentry

8. Jonah Daley

9.  Gator #1

10. Gator #2

11. Gator #3

12. Gator #4

13. Emanuel Pardo

14. N Atlanta #1 TBD

15. N Atlanta #2 TBD

16. N Atlanta #3 TBD


NLWPC will be combining with Gator WPC & other individual athletes for this tournament. There are

(2) Travel options for this weekend. Everyone is responsible for their own flight to Atlanta.

Option 1:

- Fly to Atlanta Airport Fri Afternoon

- Join Team Van, Drive to Huntsville

Travel in Van for Weekend

- Return to Atlanta Airport Sunday

- Fly Home.

* Payment covers Tournament Entry, Team Van, Gas, & Airbnb Cost. Flight to Atlanta and Food during Trip is only additional cost *

Option 2:

- Athletes / Families take care of their own transportation and meet us at the Team Airbnb Friday Night.

- Transportation over the weekend & return trip is your own responsibility.

* Payment covers Tournament Entry & Airbnb Cost ONLY.

Transportation during the weekend & Food are your responsibility. *

Hotel / Airbnb

Team Housing WILL be provided for this tournament. There is space for all Athletes to stay together at the residence. More information to follow Roster Confirmation.

Freq. Q/As


Can we meet the Team at the Airbnb?

Yes, if you plan on doing this please let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly!

If we fly into Atlanta, can we get a ride in the Team Van?

Yes! We plan on arriving in Atlanta on Friday midday. The Team Van will drive to Huntsville and check into the Airbnb directly.

How are we getting there?

Athletes are either flying into Atlanta on Friday midday to join the Team Van OR responsible for meeting us at the Airbnb Friday night on their own. 

What do we need to wear?

Athletes should wear their Team Speedo & Black Team Shirt on Day 1 for Competition!

Do athletes NEED to stay in the Airbnb, or can they stay with parents in a Hotel?

While we recommend staying with the team, this is not mandatory. Airbnb allows us to keep costs lower for everyone to keep the weekend affordable. Staying in a Hotel is an option, but athletes should consider staying with the team.

Is Food provided?

No, We will have Snacks/Waters for between games but have a Refillable Water Bottle so you can stay hydrated! Staff will have Breakfast prepared daily, & we will be stopping for Lunch / Dinner throughout the Trip to keep everyone fed. Please bring cash for these meals & plan accordingly! 

What do Athletes need to bring?

Athletes should have their Team Suit, Black T Shirt, Goggles, Towel, Sunscreen, Refillable Water Bottle, $ for Food, and anything they'd like to have between games! Feel free to bring any other Team Gear for other days of Tournament Play!

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